Rolex Sea-Dweller PVD

I bought a watch from this website a few months ago but didn’t get the chance to write a review until today. I want to say that the watch I bought is absolutely wonderful and even after two months of wearing it every day, ...Read More

Fake Sky-Dweller

Me and my brothers wanted to buy something for my father’s 50th birthday because he has been there for us and we wanted to show him some gratitude; he was extremely fond of watches and he actually has a big collection of watches that ...Read More

Gold GMT Master II Imitation

This month it was me and my husband’s anniversary, we’ve been together for 10 years and I really wanted to offer him something really special. I know he is fond of watches and when he lost his last watch during our vacation together he ...Read More

Black Rolex Explorer II

A friend of mine ordered from this website and when I saw his watch I really wanted to have one that would look as good as the one he bought. Fortunately, I found this website and ordered right away because I liked the pictures. ...Read More

Rolex Explorer II

I’ve always wanted to own a beautiful Rolex Explorer like this one and since I was a teenager I dreamt about wearing such a beautiful watch. I used to picture myself wearing a nice suit with this amazing watch and working for a big ...Read More

Rolex Explorer II PVD

Rolex Explorer has been, since I was a kid, one of my favorite watches. I grew up loving all kinds of watches as my father and grandfather were both passionate about watches. However, I always had a special love for Rolex Explorer. I’m a ...Read More

Rolex GMT-Master II

I’ve always been a fan of Rolex, I liked their classy touch to all the watches they make, not to mention the prestige behind such an amazing brand. So it’s obvious that I always wanted to buy one of their watches. However, since I ...Read More