Rolex watches are known internationally for their elegance, durability, as well as high prices. Because of the power of their brand, numerous Asian sellers try to rip the company off by creating knockoff versions of the genuine ones. The differences are there, but sometimes, they are overlooked. Here are three main differences that you can notice between a genuine Rolex Daytona model and a knockoff Chinese version of one.


  1. Engravings

One the clearest things that make the difference between a real Rolex and a genuine one are the engravings on the inside of the case, by the lugs. A genuine Rolex watch will have these engravings because they display the model number and the serial number. A fake one will not. These engravings are also very clear and can be easily read on the genuine watch.


  1. Case back

The case back of a real Rolex Daytona model does not have any engraving, inscription or symbol on it. It is also not transparent so if you find a version with something inscribed on the back of the case, it is most definitely a replica Rolex.

Some Asian knockoffs will have the crown inscribed on the back of the case of the Daytona Rolex, in an attempt to give it a more genuine look. Keep in mind that this particular model’s back of the case is empty of any symbols or engravings.


  1. The strap

While some Rolex models sport a metallic bracelet, the Daytona model comes with a black leather bracelet which combined with the metallic look of the watch gives it a more elegant look and is easier to carry around. The fake Asian versions almost always come with a metallic bracelet. This is a dead giveaway and you can tell from a mile away that it is a fake Daytona Rolex.


  1. Engravings on the bezel

The shape and the look of the bezel engravings is also very important when determining whether a watch is genuine or not. On a real Rolex, the engravings will start on the upper side of the bezel and then run down all around it. They start from the number 60 and move in segments of 5 until 100 at the bottom of the bezel and then start again from the bottom and from 110 and move in segments of 10. The fake watches mimic this very well, but what they almost always miss is the style of each engraving.

A genuine Rolex’s engravings are carefully done and each segment is marked with a triangle. In the case of the knockoff version, the segments are marked with regular lines and dots, a far cry from the elegant look a real Rolex.



Rolex produces some of the most expensive and elegant watches in the world. Knowing how to tell the difference between a genuine one and a fake one can be extremely helpful, especially considering the billion-dollar market of fake watches that is spreading more and more every day.